2014-06-09 22:15:47 by ZekiDance

It's like 104 degrees here in California where I live. I'M DYING SOBB.

Lol and then I get a message by some new person and then he asks what I like and I OBVIOUSLY SAY I LIKE ART AS YOU CAN TELLL FROM MY GALLERY xD. But then I get asked, "Do you like sex?". 

I swear to God. Lol. Nobody ever ask that or even talk stupid like that or I'll block you just like that lad got. c:

Soo stupid oh my God. What does art have to even do with such a random subject such as that.

Anyways. Good day.


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2014-06-10 09:21:18

Well it could be worse right? Could be like below 60 or w/e xD friggen cold weather popping out of nowhere like a meerkat xD.

That's one thing you shouldn't ask an artist yeah sure we are a giant group made up of unique people and sure some of them do like sex but don't ask that out front specially to a lady mang that's just disrespectful as all get out.

Anywho hope all has been well :D

ZekiDance responds:

Truee! >^< I mean I'd like the hotness if I were at a pool or something but I didn't get no water fun. ; A;

Mhm mhm. *nodnod* >^< I mean it just surprised me and honestly it's just a dumb thing to ask. >^>

Thankss. c: Hope the same for you!


2014-06-10 14:32:10

Kind of jealous. it's only in the 90s here in the Sunshine State. Can't get enough of the heat!

ZekiDance responds:

Waah you like hot weather that muuch? omg!
I mean like I love the hot weather if I had been at a pool or something but I wasn't so it was awful ; A;