Sick Zekii

2014-03-08 18:20:12 by ZekiDance

I haven't been uploading much due to my often coming of sicknesses.

One day a cold, and then today low blood pressure to the point that I almost passed out. eeeee;;;;;

So yeah, not feeling well at all knowing that I'm still lightheaded. I will try my best and upload some more art soon! 


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2014-03-08 20:13:10

Get better soon Zeki

ZekiDance responds:

Thank you ; u;


2014-03-11 14:26:07

get well soon *hugs*

ZekiDance responds:

Thankyouu ;u;


2014-03-25 20:14:03

Zeki is down! I repeat, Zeki is down! *uses a long range healing spell*

ZekiDance responds:

A-Awaah! ;//o//; I'm fine now thankyou for your concern though! >//)^//<)/